The Great Software Debate: Build or buy? Which is the better option? — #1 Cloud Inventory® Software as a Service

One example company has experienced greater success after utilizing Cloud Inventory’s applications, encountering growth across multiple facets of their business. This customer has addressed extended supply chain challenges through Cloud Inventory’s inventory-first data model and mobile-first applications, immediately addressing challenges inside the four walls of their warehouse and into their field environment. Additionally, they have addressed company and industry-specific personalization requirements through extending Cloud Inventory solutions with the low-code platform.

Get the Best of Both Worlds of the Build vs. Buy Software Dilemma with a Low-Code Platform

The question for organizations analyzing the pros and cons of either side of the build vs. buy software dilemma is: how do you ‘cheat’ the system and get the pros without the cons? Cloud Inventory’s low-code platform answers this question of how to get the best of both worlds. It offers standards-based, off-the-shelf Manufacturing Materials™, Warehouse Inventory™, and Field Inventory™ applications. The twist is, these mobile-first applications are built using the low-code platform so businesses can leverage what’s already built. However, in addition, they can realize unrivaled personalization capabilities to address company or industry-specific processes, productivity needs, or data capture needs specifically addressing unique or complex requirements.

Cloud Inventory offers a perfect mix of the benefits of buy and build solutions. Organizations can utilize the low-code platform, leveraging their internal resources to provide flexibility and make adjustments on their own, or they can count on Cloud Inventory experts for support services.

A low-code environment empowers internal business resources to design new applications and reconfigure existing applications using a flow-chart-like, graphical, and intuitive interface. This results in both hyper-focused applications and high user adoption without the high costs of relying on external resources or leveraging internal software developers to implement changes.

Cloud Inventory’s best-in-class supply chain applications manage the state, location, and authenticity of inventory no matter where it exists in an enterprise, from the warehouse to the field. This powerful, low-code-based solution enables organizations to stop thinking in terms of build vs. buy software and begin realizing the advantages of both build and buy.

Originally published at on November 2, 2021.

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