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2 min readFeb 10, 2022


KANSAS CITY, Mo., /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Inventory ®, a leading cloud-based inventory management solution, has been selected by Velociti, Inc., a top technology solutions provider headquartered in Riverside, MO, to further streamline their overall warehouse efficiencies. This will be achieved through enhanced inventory tracking, resulting in: more accurate, real-time data across the organization and better compliance regarding customer requirements for years to come.

“As our business continues to grow and expand, it became apparent we needed a next-gen, warehouse-management platform that could not only support our internal growth, but our customer’s growth,” said Jim West, SVP of Technology and Strategy, Velociti. “Cloud Inventory emerged as our top choice; after our upcoming rollout, its business intelligence tool will provide us with enhanced performance tracking, and give our customers greater visibility into their projects and help streamline their operations.”

Cloud Inventory will update Velociti’s product and services fulfillment with an innovative warehouse system that’s inherently more flexible by design. This will advance their overall warehouse operations, allowing them to more efficiently handle products and materials, and improve customer delivery. Additionally, the insight Velociti gains into the state, location, and authenticity of all of their inventory — both inside and outside of their warehouses — will continue to ensure inventory arrives in the right place at the right time.

“It’s incredible what Cloud Inventory does for our customers like Velociti,” said Mark Goode, President, Cloud Inventory. “Overnight, they gain additional productivity and visibility into their inventory empowering digital transformation. Additionally, Cloud Inventory improves compliance, optimizes inventory, and leads to greater revenues.”


About Cloud Inventory
Cloud Inventory ® mobile-first applications empower organizations with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field. Based in Kansas City, our global team has the supply chain knowledge and mobile-first development expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges. Visit to learn more.

About Velociti
Velociti, a global provider of enterprise technology solutions for more than 25 years, helps meet complex business needs by optimizing technology investments, lowering costs, and improving employee and customer acceptance. Its innovative design, rapid installation and deployment, and proactive support services for a broad range of transportation and networking technologies are provided by a highly experienced full-time team of engineers, project managers, certified technicians, and call center staff. Velociti serves transportation, retail, food service, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government, hospitality, and outdoor venues, including many Fortune 500 companies. For more information visit or call toll-free (855) 233–7210.

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