Brent DiBartolo is the Vice President of Sales, Americas for Cloud Inventory®, a company that empowers organizations with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field.

An accomplished sales leader with extensive experience in the Supply Chain, IT, and Finance industries, DiBartolo has a history of success training and leading sales teams, negotiating business partnerships and sales, and planning marketing strategies.

Based in Kansas City, Cloud Inventory’s global team has the supply chain knowledge and mobile-first development expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges.

Digital inventory management is all about leveraging innovative technology to help your business gain visibility into the state, location, and authenticity of its inventory across the enterprise. It spans legacy silos created by changes in business and disparate systems. While manual approaches to inventory management are prone to costly delays and human error, digital inventory management strategies use automation and cloud-based technology to optimize accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness.

The definition of inventory and where it is located across the enterprise has evolved. It includes Manufacturing Materials™, Warehouse Inventory™, and Field Inventory™.

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Every couple of days I head to the shops, as I walk in the door in the modern COVID world I scan a QR code to check-in and provide traceability if there should be a COVID outbreak in the area. Once checked in, I go about my business, selecting products that I need, milk, bread, meat etc. Once done, I then walk to the self-serve checkout and dutifully scan each item, tallying up my purchase. …

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Hatchard uses his expertise with Cloud Inventory to provide valuable solutions to companies across key industries such as Engineering & Construction, MedTech, Mining & Energy, as well as Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing.

With over 25 years of supply chain experience, Hatchard applies his technological proficiency to provide the knowledge and tools that organizations require to gain better visibility, agility and velocity across their supply chains. His core competencies include managing an organization’s operational supply chain including warehousing, transportation, reverse logistics, process improvement and optimization as well as workforce management, and financial management. …

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With 12 years of experience implementing B2B SaaS and on-premises software solutions, Robison helps her Cloud Inventory customers optimize their inventory management technology and meet industry-specific challenges.

A dynamic and results-oriented professional, Robison is an energetic leader who has demonstrated success leading domestic and international implementations and operational improvement efforts for Fortune 500 customers.

Based in Kansas City, Cloud Inventory’s global team has the supply chain knowledge and mobile-first development expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges.

Originally published at on July 16, 2021.

Cambridge, an industry-leading producer, and distributor of paving stones and wallstones, has significantly improved its approach to inventory management through its transition to Cloud Inventory®, a mobile-first inventory management solution. Cloud Inventory provides real-time, accurate visibility and control across the supply chain, making it an easy choice for Cambridge, which sought to meet an ambitious rapid fulfillment sales model of picking, packing, and shipping an entire trailer-load of inventory in as little as 90 minutes. …

Briggs Healthcare provides services and products for long-term care, assisted living, home care, hospice, hospital, and other health care markets. As Briggs pursued a “cloud-first” approach to inventory management across their three warehouse locations, they chose to implement Cloud Inventory®, a mobile-first and cloud-based inventory management platform. Briggs chose Cloud Inventory because of their expertise in real-time, cloud-based warehouse monitoring and because of the ease with which Cloud Inventory could be implemented in combination with a NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.

Cloud Inventory allows businesses to use mobile applications to track the state, location, and authenticity of inventory across…

Imagine trying to find one, single specialized tool or part in a depot crammed full of thousands of items. It would be a nearly impossible task to find anything without an inventory control system tracking critical information in real-time. Also imagine that without that part or tool, critical parts of your production or maintenance operations come to a halt. The costs associated to idle workers, alone, can spiral out of control.

Poor inventory management and execution significantly impacts business. Research shows struggling to manage inventory, like raw materials, cycle inventory in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) supplies, is among the…

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., APRIL 15, 2021 — Lipper International, a provider of exceptional items for the kitchen, home, and office, has partnered with DSI®, a leader in innovative inventory management solutions, to upgrade to the latest version of DSI Cloud Inventory®, an innovative mobile-first, cloud-based inventory management platform.

Lipper has been a wholesale provider of beautiful and functional home goods since 1963. The privately-owned, woman-led, family business is known for its unique, imported selection of natural wooden products for the kitchen, home, office, and children’s playroom. …

Cloud Inventory®

Cloud Inventory® is a cloud-based tool built to help companies digitize supply chains and optimize their inventories.

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