One example company has experienced greater success after utilizing Cloud Inventory’s applications, encountering growth across multiple facets of their business. This customer has addressed extended supply chain challenges through Cloud Inventory’s inventory-first data model and mobile-first applications, immediately addressing challenges inside the four walls of their warehouse and into their…

Listen to the full podcast on Cloud Inventory’s website: Full Transcription below:

Jim: Talk to talk to you today about extending Oracle E-biz Cloud SCM, especially around the supply chain and especially as it respects to digital transformation and digital inventory management.

My name is Jim Hoskins, and I…

Brent DiBartolo is the Vice President of Sales, Americas for Cloud Inventory®, a company that empowers organizations with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field.

An accomplished sales leader with extensive experience in the Supply Chain, IT, and Finance industries, DiBartolo…

In a 2021 report by FinancesOnline, the author points out the critical role of supply chains in promoting productivity increases in modern business operations. Due to advancements with automation, AI, and data analytics, there has been significant innovation in supply chain technology and cloud-based inventory management software. These innovations drive…

Listen to the podcast here:

  1. What are the problems that warehouses face when it comes to inventory?
  2. What key benefits do you think make Cloud Inventory® unique as a provider of warehouse inventory solutions?
  3. How do your warehousing customers meet and exceed their target KPIs?
  4. When adopting inventory management…

Cloud Inventory®

Cloud Inventory® is a cloud-based tool built to help companies digitize supply chains and optimize their inventories.

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